Softside waterbed versus hard side waterbed:

There are two types of waterbeds: the softside waterbed and the hard side waterbed.

The name already says it. In softside waterbed, the water mattress is enclosed by soft foam frames. This is more comfortable and makes it easy to get into bed and get up from the bed. Most Soft side waterbeds have a split foam frame between which the sheets can be stuffed, making it easy to tie.

In a hard side waterbed, the water mattress is enclosed by a wooden bedstead. The hard frame is less comfortable getting into bed and getting out of bed, making it harder to take the bed. Hardside waterbeds are pretty old-fashioned and are hardly sold anymore.

Both types of waterbeds have a security foil and are heated by a heating element.

Waterbed versus lightweight waterbed

It is further distinguished between a lightweight waterbed and a full waterbed. The traditional waterbed can be considered as a mattress with a large water content, which ensures optimum comfort.

The lightweight water bed, in contrast, consists of a lower layer as a polyether bonded to a water mattress of about 100 liters. A lightweight waterbed can be placed on any stable slatted base and uses less power than the traditional soft or hard side waterbed.

However, a lightweight waterbed does not contain enough water to ensure that the body is completely and stable on the water. This does not give you the benefits of a waterbed.

Although the lightweight waterbed is the simplest waterbed, it offers limited comfort. The fact that the water content in the lightweight waterbed much lower and much less deep, there is a risk of sagging. As a result, you sleep on a mediocre foam layer. If you are considering a lightweight waterbed, please do not opt ​​for a lightweight waterbed larger than 125 liters.

A lightweight water bed contains too little water to ensure that the body is completely and stable on the water.

Advantages of a waterbed

  • Setting according to your own preference
  • Adapts to every body shape
  • Thermal heating and thus the constant temperature
  • The long life of up to 15 years
  • Hygienic
  • Protection against allergies
  • Suitable for back and muscle pain

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