Rested in the day thanks to new mattress 180×200 cm

Good sleep does not always mean having to sleep long. Therefore, people who need little sleep need a good sleeping pad as well as late risers to provide the body with the necessary relief that has built up over the day. If you are looking for a new mattress 180×200 cm, you should consider different criteria before you buy to find the right one for you. If the mattress 180×200 cm is intended for two persons, both should strive for a good common solution for the respective sleep requirements.

What to consider when buying a mattress 180×200 cm?

In addition to the different types of mattresses, there are criteria that you should watch out for. These include the volume weight, which indicates how much material was processed per cubic meter. The higher the value, the better the quality of the mattress. For this, you should pay attention to the degree of hardness of the mattress. The heavier you are, the more recommendable is a higher degree of hardness. Hardness H2 is ideal in the range of 60 to 85 kg body weight, above that degree of hardness H3, below hardness grade 1.

However, you should always try to find the optimum comfort for yourself. This depends on various factors, such as the material of the mattress and the compression hardness. The latter indicates how quickly a mattress recovers after physical stress. If the compression hardness and the degree of hardness are low, this can lead to uncomfortable reclining, heat build-up, and circulatory disorders.

Discover our selection of mattresses 180×200 cm

If the mattress is to be 180×200 cm, it is usually used by two people. To meet the needs of both, you should clarify the basics: is one of you sweating heavily at night? Then a viscoelastic mattress is out of the question. If it is not a problem, visco foam mattresses are ideal for restless sleeping or back pain.

Latex mattresses score similarly to cold foam mattresses with their particularly good adaptation to body contours. Latex mattresses are also extremely breathable and especially suitable for allergy sufferers. You can see mattress brands from our website.