Pros in the box spring bed:

The advantages of a box spring bed

Anyone who has ever been on vacation in a box spring bed, greatly appreciate the benefits of this sleep system. A comfortable entrance height and a large, padded headboard invite you to watch TV or read comfortably, not to mention the dreamlike sleep experience!

These box spring bed benefits speak for themselves

The box spring bed is due to its solid processing a durable sleep system. In contrast to the slatted frame, the springs in the box spring are very well protected against wear. The mattress is also spared because it rests just on the fabric-covered box spring. In addition, the box spring offers, in contrast to the slatted frame, constant support over the entire lying area. In addition, the 3-component system is an absolute all-rounder, which means that people with different weights sleep equally well on the same box spring bed.

Further advantages of a box spring bed: higher entry and better bed hygiene

Another advantage is the height of the bed. This is about 50 to 70 centimeters higher than the slatted beds. For seniors, in particular, this increases comfort, but even tall people or those with hip problems will welcome this. Also, hygienic reasons and climate-regulating motives speak for a box spring. The construction of the box spring and the springs in the mattress interior lead to better air circulation and thus to a dry sleeping environment.

Box spring bed on installments: With installment to your dream bed

If you have found the box spring bed of your dreams with us, nothing stands in the way to you soon to enjoy the high sleeping comfort. With our box spring financing via our partner bank, you can buy the desired box spring bed on installments in just a few steps at attractive interest rates. With a box spring bed installment, you can easily implement the purchase, without having to wait long for your bed.

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