Differences between Latex, Natural, futon mattress

Latex mattresses: elastic and flexible

Latex mattresses come in two different basic orientations: natural rubber and artificial latex. Natural latex consumers recognize above all a corresponding note. Often, natural latex mattresses are designated as natural latex mattresses.

Differences with regard to the life span and the lying characteristics do not exist, however. The air channels inside the mattress ensure that latex mattresses are basically well ventilated. As a rule, latex mattresses are divided into different lying areas inside. These provide ideal body support and good pressure relief.

This mattress is suitable for: If you sweat heavily at night, you should not buy a latex mattress. It can regulate the humidity much less well than the cold foam mattress. Also for allergy sufferers, the latex model is not necessarily well suited, because even by the abrasion of the material allergies can be triggered. Who wants to turn a latex mattress, needs a lot of strength, because this model has a relatively high weight.

Natural mattresses: natural latex and coconut are used here

In natural mattresses only natural materials are used: coconut fibers or natural rubber. Point elasticity, pressure relief and an optimal adaptation to the body contours are the attributes that are attributed to natural mattresses. Although the feeling of lying is soft, a natural mattress does not form any hollows. Natural latex and coconut fiber mattresses are resistant and breathable.

This mattress is suitable for: If you do not want to do without natural products in the bedroom, you are well advised to use natural mattresses made from coconut fibers or natural latex. Check out our website forhow to choose the best mattress for back pain.

Futon mattresses: for patient individualists

Futon mattresses adapt to the body – but they do so slowly. This type of mattress, which is filled with latex, coconut, foam, cotton, and horsehair, comes from Asia in its first variant. Especially the pragmatically wide field of application makes this mattress model so popular: during the day the futon mattress offers a stable seat pad. At night a quiet camp, which is cozy.

This mattress is suitable for: Futon mattresses must fit. There are models that can only be used to a limited extent – for example up to a body weight of 80 kilograms. Models that are very stiff are the best choice for abdominal and back sleepers.