Differences between Latex, Natural, futon mattress

Latex mattresses: elastic and flexible

Latex mattresses come in two different basic orientations: natural rubber and artificial latex. Natural latex consumers recognize above all a corresponding note. Often, natural latex mattresses are designated as natural latex mattresses.

Differences with regard to the life span and the lying characteristics do not exist, however. The air channels inside the mattress ensure that latex mattresses are basically well ventilated. As a rule, latex mattresses are divided into different lying areas inside. These provide ideal body support and good pressure relief.

This mattress is suitable for: If you sweat heavily at night, you should not buy a latex mattress. It can regulate the humidity much less well than the cold foam mattress. Also for allergy sufferers, the latex model is not necessarily well suited, because even by the abrasion of the material allergies can be triggered. Who wants to turn a latex mattress, needs a lot of strength, because this model has a relatively high weight.

Natural mattresses: natural latex and coconut are used here

In natural mattresses only natural materials are used: coconut fibers or natural rubber. Point elasticity, pressure relief and an optimal adaptation to the body contours are the attributes that are attributed to natural mattresses. Although the feeling of lying is soft, a natural mattress does not form any hollows. Natural latex and coconut fiber mattresses are resistant and breathable.

This mattress is suitable for: If you do not want to do without natural products in the bedroom, you are well advised to use natural mattresses made from coconut fibers or natural latex. Check out our website forhow to choose the best mattress for back pain.

Futon mattresses: for patient individualists

Futon mattresses adapt to the body – but they do so slowly. This type of mattress, which is filled with latex, coconut, foam, cotton, and horsehair, comes from Asia in its first variant. Especially the pragmatically wide field of application makes this mattress model so popular: during the day the futon mattress offers a stable seat pad. At night a quiet camp, which is cozy.

This mattress is suitable for: Futon mattresses must fit. There are models that can only be used to a limited extent – for example up to a body weight of 80 kilograms. Models that are very stiff are the best choice for abdominal and back sleepers.

Softside waterbed versus hard side waterbed:

There are two types of waterbeds: the softside waterbed and the hard side waterbed.

The name already says it. In softside waterbed, the water mattress is enclosed by soft foam frames. This is more comfortable and makes it easy to get into bed and get up from the bed. Most Soft side waterbeds have a split foam frame between which the sheets can be stuffed, making it easy to tie.

In a hard side waterbed, the water mattress is enclosed by a wooden bedstead. The hard frame is less comfortable getting into bed and getting out of bed, making it harder to take the bed. Hardside waterbeds are pretty old-fashioned and are hardly sold anymore.

Both types of waterbeds have a security foil and are heated by a heating element.

Waterbed versus lightweight waterbed

It is further distinguished between a lightweight waterbed and a full waterbed. The traditional waterbed can be considered as a mattress with a large water content, which ensures optimum comfort.

The lightweight water bed, in contrast, consists of a lower layer as a polyether bonded to a water mattress of about 100 liters. A lightweight waterbed can be placed on any stable slatted base and uses less power than the traditional soft or hard side waterbed.

However, a lightweight waterbed does not contain enough water to ensure that the body is completely and stable on the water. This does not give you the benefits of a waterbed.

Although the lightweight waterbed is the simplest waterbed, it offers limited comfort. The fact that the water content in the lightweight waterbed much lower and much less deep, there is a risk of sagging. As a result, you sleep on a mediocre foam layer. If you are considering a lightweight waterbed, please do not opt ​​for a lightweight waterbed larger than 125 liters.

A lightweight water bed contains too little water to ensure that the body is completely and stable on the water.

Advantages of a waterbed

  • Setting according to your own preference
  • Adapts to every body shape
  • Thermal heating and thus the constant temperature
  • The long life of up to 15 years
  • Hygienic
  • Protection against allergies
  • Suitable for back and muscle pain

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Pros in the box spring bed:

The advantages of a box spring bed

Anyone who has ever been on vacation in a box spring bed, greatly appreciate the benefits of this sleep system. A comfortable entrance height and a large, padded headboard invite you to watch TV or read comfortably, not to mention the dreamlike sleep experience!

These box spring bed benefits speak for themselves

The box spring bed is due to its solid processing a durable sleep system. In contrast to the slatted frame, the springs in the box spring are very well protected against wear. The mattress is also spared because it rests just on the fabric-covered box spring. In addition, the box spring offers, in contrast to the slatted frame, constant support over the entire lying area. In addition, the 3-component system is an absolute all-rounder, which means that people with different weights sleep equally well on the same box spring bed.

Further advantages of a box spring bed: higher entry and better bed hygiene

Another advantage is the height of the bed. This is about 50 to 70 centimeters higher than the slatted beds. For seniors, in particular, this increases comfort, but even tall people or those with hip problems will welcome this. Also, hygienic reasons and climate-regulating motives speak for a box spring. The construction of the box spring and the springs in the mattress interior lead to better air circulation and thus to a dry sleeping environment.

Box spring bed on installments: With installment to your dream bed

If you have found the box spring bed of your dreams with us, nothing stands in the way to you soon to enjoy the high sleeping comfort. With our box spring financing via our partner bank, you can buy the desired box spring bed on installments in just a few steps at attractive interest rates. With a box spring bed installment, you can easily implement the purchase, without having to wait long for your bed.

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Rested in the day thanks to new mattress 180×200 cm

Good sleep does not always mean having to sleep long. Therefore, people who need little sleep need a good sleeping pad as well as late risers to provide the body with the necessary relief that has built up over the day. If you are looking for a new mattress 180×200 cm, you should consider different criteria before you buy to find the right one for you. If the mattress 180×200 cm is intended for two persons, both should strive for a good common solution for the respective sleep requirements.

What to consider when buying a mattress 180×200 cm?

In addition to the different types of mattresses, there are criteria that you should watch out for. These include the volume weight, which indicates how much material was processed per cubic meter. The higher the value, the better the quality of the mattress. For this, you should pay attention to the degree of hardness of the mattress. The heavier you are, the more recommendable is a higher degree of hardness. Hardness H2 is ideal in the range of 60 to 85 kg body weight, above that degree of hardness H3, below hardness grade 1.

However, you should always try to find the optimum comfort for yourself. This depends on various factors, such as the material of the mattress and the compression hardness. The latter indicates how quickly a mattress recovers after physical stress. If the compression hardness and the degree of hardness are low, this can lead to uncomfortable reclining, heat build-up, and circulatory disorders.

Discover our selection of mattresses 180×200 cm

If the mattress is to be 180×200 cm, it is usually used by two people. To meet the needs of both, you should clarify the basics: is one of you sweating heavily at night? Then a viscoelastic mattress is out of the question. If it is not a problem, visco foam mattresses are ideal for restless sleeping or back pain.

Latex mattresses score similarly to cold foam mattresses with their particularly good adaptation to body contours. Latex mattresses are also extremely breathable and especially suitable for allergy sufferers. You can see mattress brands from our website.

Why sagging mattress is not good for health

Sagging mattress means bad mattress. Sag mattresses dipping down 2 to 3 inches which result in damage of coil system.  It is not easy to sleep on a sagging mattress when it comes to the health point of view. We all know having an old mattress last long can cause some real health issues. Having a good mattress is more and most important for your long-term health. We spend almost eight hours a night on our beds which means a third of our lives.

Sagging mattress are terrible ones:

Sleeping on a sagging mattress is very terrible. Due to this issue, the mattress can’t come in its normal shape which leads to back problems and all. This occurs when you are putting the same weight from last how many years and sleeping in the same position. The foam will compress according to that. Sleep on good and proper mattresses allows your body to sleep incorrect position which permits for the natural angle of the spine during the sleeping time. It can help you to avoid the discomfort while sleeping also it keeps you away from various problems. Proper and good mattress provide a foundation to various parts of your body such as Neck, cranium, back etc.

Know more about sagging mattress

People understand the importance of quality sleep that’s why more and more consumers want to make their bedrooms relaxation-friendly. Many users know have gained some health benefits after knowing that use mattresses that don’t sag. If you want a really comfortable sleep night, then think about a clean and new mattress. Don’t save your money at the cost of your health. Invest in quality mattresses that will give you a comfortable sleep.

If a person, who loves to hang out in the bedroom most of the time, then don’t wait for anyone and buy a new mattress soon. Life is too short to waste on different things. Spend money on important and necessary things we are sure you won,t regret after buying a new mattress. Invest little for your health.

Beside the adjustable mattress which is best mattress for adjustable beds?

People who own the adjustable best feel it very much problematic to buy an adjustable mattress too. But now we have a solution for this. Yes, people don’t need to buy an adjustable mattress to complement the adjustable bed. Memory foam mattresses are an amazing option for them. The memory foam mattresses are in the modern days can be used to complement the adjustable beds.

Why choose a memory foam mattress?

There are so many qualities of memory foam mattresses which make it compatible for an adjustable bed. The main reason to buy an adjustable mattress is its ability to take the angle with the adjustment of the bed. But today the memory foam mattresses come with the ability to take the angle of the bed’s angle. Now a question will arise in your mind that memory foam can tear into parts due to not adjustable. But the truth is the memory foam never tear into parts because of its flexibility. It is very much extraordinary feature of the memory foam mattress. Also, they come in half of the price of the adjustable mattress. You can save money as well. Now maybe you have doubt in your mind that this mattress will look cool with the adjustable bed. So the memory foam mattresses are designed in the way so that they will look amazing with the adjustable beds.  

Enjoy peaceful sleep with memory foam mattress

People can enjoy their sleeping hours on adjustable beds with memory foam mattresses. They are super comfortable than the adjustable mattress. They will help you to treat the patients at home. They don’t need to live in hospitals anymore. Memory foam is also considered good for the kids as well. So if you own an adjustable bed then memory foam mattress is best and also come in your budget. Mattress world people will always recommend to buy memory foam for the adjustable beds as compared to adjustable mattresses. You should consider them as well with adjustable mattresses. They also keep you away from the problem of snoring and turning during the sleeping. Best memory foam mattress brand for your adjustable bed soon.

The ultimate guide to picking up the most comfortable mattress

Are you looking for the most squashy and comfortable mattress surface? The answer to this question lies in your needs or requirements. If you find a mattress covering all your demands, then you’ve ended up making an excellent choice. Not everyone will fit into a single mattress model covering just a limited set of features. Though, it is a matter of fact that any magic doesn’t come with a mattress which cures all your disturbing situations.

Along with the mattress, various other things are also in the highlight affecting the sleep. It could be your bed frame which is not perfect for your new mattress. The bedding accessories and the environment in your bedroom. People are in the habit of sleeping on the sides or stomach position. These people need to choose the bed frame according to their new mattress. The most important feature which any side sleeper considers is the softness level within any particular mattress surface. While the stomach sleepers, have a different need for keeping their body fit during nighttime sleep.

Consider giving a look at the reviews

It is a great way to reach out at a final choice. With the review section, one gets to know about the usability which is extremely necessary. If you find the best bed for side sleepers in your home, then you must know about the common mattresses present in the market or at online stores. There is a positive as well as a negative point within every mattress according to the changing perspective of divergent people in society. Such positive and negative points are a great help to reach the ultimate option easily. 

In such a busy era, people don’t have time to look after each and every mattress model with utmost attention. In fact, it is not even possible to take so much headache. People start shopping a bed frame with the help of reviews and copying their needs according to the review section. In addition, the mattress manufacturer or owner is also a helpful agent while picking up the right mattress for your side and hip.